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Microgaming bingo software review and facts. We also added microgaming bingo rooms list to play bingo online now!

Microgaming has been at the forefront of online gaming software development since the industry was born - the company is credited with launching the world's first online casino in 1994. So it is no great surprise to learn that Microgaming produces some of the best and most progressive online bingo software in existence.

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Online bingo is something of an anomaly. It's not the first option that might spring to mind when thinking of traditional gambling games to adapt for the online market. The game has a somewhat apocryphal reputation as being played only by blue haired old ladies in rundown bingo halls. But as with many things, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Because against all odds, online bingo has become the fastest-growing sector of the online gaming industry. And despite any disparaging comments made against it, the players are not exclusively old ladies - the demographic is largely female, true, but the age range is closer to 24 to 34 with a decent middle-class income.

The game of bingo itself is extremely simple, available in two major variants: 75 ball and 90 ball. Both variants involve players buying one or more cards covered with a random combination of numbers. When the game begins, a "caller" begins calling out randomly drawn numbers. If a number appears on a player's card, they colour it in, or "daub" it.

In 75 ball bingo, the winner is the first player to completely cover their card - this is known as a Full House win. In 90 ball bingo, there are three winners: first to complete a horizontal line, first to complete two horizontal lines, and the Full House.

Since the game is so simple, a large reason for its popularity is the fact that it is so social. And it is this aspect of social interaction which has ensured the game's popularity on the Internet.

This is because, as with traditional bingo played in land-based bingo halls, the focus of online bingo software is really hanging out with friends while playing a game. Microgaming bingo software for online bingo automatically "daubs" players cards for them, and even calls bingo on their behalf when they win.

This allows online bingo players to focus their attention on the prominently displayed chat room, where they interact with their friends. In the bingo chat rooms, players engage in small talk, shout encouraging things to each other during the games, congratulate each other when they win, and commiserate losses. It is a vibrant, active online bingo community that is unlike most Internet chatrooms in that the population is almost uniformly positive and upbeat – the scene is absent the sniping and infighting found on other web forums.

In fact, most research shows that the social aspect is what drives the online bingo community. Less than 20% of online bingo players are in it for the money, despite the significant and sizeable jackpots that can be won (the largest to date has been over £1.5 million, or around $2.2 million). Statistics indicate that people play online bingo for the entertainment and for the community associated with it.

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