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Roulette Strategy

Microgaming roulette strategy guide. Roulette rules and tips. Play roulette online and win! The Martingale method, The Pinder-Schloss Split method.

Microgaming offers some of the best, most exciting simulations of traditional land-based casino table games out there, and the Microgaming roulette offerings are not to be missed. But if you want to succeed playing roulette, it's best to work out your strategy in advance.

Now, some people postulate that since roulette is a pure game of chance, there really is no winning strategy. They'd be wrong. The smart player knows that there are a couple of guidelines you can observe that will drastically improve your game.

Let's start with one of the oldest betting strategies devised for the roulette table.

The Martingale Method

Everyone knows that you can't win on every single spin of the roulette wheel. The point of this strategy is to mitigate the damage when you lose, and to ensure that when you win, you win big.

Here's how it works. Make a bet. If you lose, double your bet. If you lose again, double again.

It sounds like a quick road to ruin, but if you keep doubling, then when you next win you make back everything that you lost on your way to that win.

The Super Martingale

The Super Martingale works very similarly to the original Martingale, but instead of only doubling the bet, you add a bit. Double plus 1.

This means that on your next big win, you make back all your losses, plus you find yourself substantially in profit.

The Pinder-Schloss Split

This is one you don't often hear about, largely because those who do know about it tend to keep it to themselves. It is by no means foolproof, but has the potential to yield slow, steady profit.

The roulette board is split into 3 groupings of 12 – 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 – which you can wager on as a group instead of betting on individual numbers. Now, the odds applicable to bets like this are usually 3 to 1.

How the Pinder-Schloss Split works is that you place substantial bets on two of these groupings. If you accept that you are definitely going to lose one of them, and mentally treat them as one bet, its as though you're playing with a 66.6% chance to win at effective odds of 1.5 to 1. Betting the same amount on all three is pointless because the return would amount to even money.

Let's take a look at an example. You place a $500 bet on the 2nd 12, and another $500 on the 3rd 12. Roulette is strongly based on chance, so your decision to ignore the 1st 12 is purely based on your gut instinct.

The roulette wheel spins, and comes out Red 19. Instantly, you've lost the bet on the 3rd 12, but your bet on the 2nd 12 has netted $1,500, leaving you $500 up on your initial outlay. Yes, there's always the risk that the ball lands in the uncovered grouping, but considering you're mentally treating the two wagers as one, your chance of losing is only 33.3%.

Microgaming casinos offer some exciting venues for practicing your roulette strategy. Check out your favourite Microgaming roulette gaming software to play on!