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Slots Strategy

Microgaming slots strategy guide. Slots rules and tips. Play slots online and win!

Microgaming has a reputation for pushing the envelope when it comes to the development of exciting new video slot game titles. They have been on the cutting edge of this market since the 1990s, and have more experience at it than just about anybody else.

In this slots strategy guide, we will let you into the secrets of how to play slots most effectively so that you can maximise your winning potential while having a great time.

In the first place, it's worth scrolling through the lobby of the online casino you've joined up to in order to get the sense of the games on offer. Look for games than accept a range of coin sizes, and take the pay table is to make sure you know what the winning potential of any particular game is.

There is simply no sense in pumping loads of money into a slot game that has a very low maximum payout. The only time it's acceptable to do this is if the game itself entertains you enough that the value of the experience is in the playing, not the winning - and actually, Microgaming slots software does offer a couple of these.

Another worthwhile slots strategy you can employ before even dropping a coin into the game is to research what the online casino's payout percentage is. Look for online casinos that pay out in excess of 96% on slots - most of the good ones do. This means that over an average period of an hour's play, even if you don't hit the jackpot, at least your median average won't result in a total cash bleed.

In many cases you can find out the payout percentage by looking around the site's FAQ - most online casinos will publish this information. If you can't find it, check out a good online casino review site; they often have this information available.

Always bet the maximum, particularly if you are playing a slot game with a progressive jackpot. The top payouts are only worthwhile if you have bet large - therefore the only reason to play anything other than the maximum bet is if your motivation for playing the game is killing time rather than winning money.

It is true that playing smaller bets will allow you to eke out your bankroll for longer, but it will also rob you of some of the juiciest payouts when you win.

All Microgaming slot online casinos have a log where you can view your playing history. If you're a serious player, then it's worth downloading this information and keeping copies of it on hand.

This is because whatever country you live in, money that you win in a casino is taxable income, and can sometimes even qualify for super tax. If you have detailed logs of your playing, you can use this information to offset the winning amount with what it cost you to get there. This effectively lowers the amount of money that you're required to pay tax on.

And always remember: decide in advance how much money you want to play with on any given day, and never exceed this. Smart players set their limits and stick to them.

Microgaming slots are one of the software company’s top features. There are dozens of Microgaming online casinos on which you can find great slots to play and win at.